COVID-19 Update: APPLIED Exams Week 7 Cancelled

Given the escalating nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled Week 7 (June 8-11) of the APPLIED Examination. APPLIED Exam registration is also closed.

We appreciate the significance of this exam in the careers of our candidates and will do our best to think creatively about ways to examine as many effected candidates as possible in 2020. At the same time, we are sensitive to impact this extraordinary event is having on the professional and personal lives of our examiners and candidates and want to be mindful about adding the pressure of the exam at this time. Unfortunately, we cannot administer the exam remotely, as some have suggested, because we cannot ensure the security of a remote oral examination and cannot replicate the hands-on nature of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination using technology.

We are putting our exam cancellation contingency plan in place and will reach out to candidates as soon as we identify new exam dates. We are waiving all exam change and cancellation fees for all virus-related changes and cancellations.

If you have questions, please email