Call for Examiner Nominations

We’re seeking additional physician anesthesiologists from private practice and academic medical centers to assist with our APPLIED Exams. Our examiners help us establish and uphold the highest standards for board certification through their service.
We’ll accept nominations for examiners from June 1 to Oct. 15. Individuals may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another ABA diplomate. Current examiners do not need to apply. Our directors will review the nominations at their January 2019 meeting and will notify the selected applicants by early February. New examiners will serve their first exam in either 2019 or 2020.

  • Have a valid, unexpired certificate in anesthesiology

  • Have been certified no later than 2015

  • Be actively participating in MOCA 2.0®

  • Be clinically active in the practice of anesthesiology or a recognized anesthesiology subspecialty, on average, at least one day per week during 12 consecutive months over the previous three years

Examiner Commitment:
Nominees should be prepared to devote one week as an examiner every year for 22 consecutive years or until they reach the age of 65 years. They must remain clinically active for their entire examiner tenure and must successfully complete MOCA 2.0 every 10 years. Additionally, they must not participate in any activity that may constitute a conflict of interest, such as practice APPLIED Exams when a fee is charged and courses solely devoted to preparing candidates to secure ABA certification.
We currently administer the APPLIED Examinations in Raleigh, N.C., nine times each calendar year, and examiners typically are invited to one exam every 12 months. For each exam week, examiners serve from Sunday afternoon until the following Thursday afternoon. We cover reasonable travel and hotel expenses and provide a modest service per diem and a travel per diem. Examiners also receive 24 hours of Category 2 CME credit during the week, which may be reported to the AMA for its Physician Recognition Award.
How to Apply:
Submit a letter of nomination with the nominee’s postal and email addresses, telephone number and current Curriculum Vitae, as well as the name and postal and email addresses of three ABA-diplomate referees to We’ll ask character referees to comment about how the nominees stay current in their practice and how they interact with their surgical and anesthesia colleagues. All nominations must be received by Oct. 15.