ABA July 1 Webinar Recording Available [2021 APPLIED Exams]

On July 1, we hosted a webinar dedicated to answering questions concerning the 2021 APPLIED Examination, including:

  • How we’ll accommodate 2020 APPLIED Exam candidates next year in addition to 2021 APPLIED Exam candidates

  • What candidates need to know about registration, prioritization, scheduling and cancellations for the 2021 APPLIED Exam

  • Our plans for the Week 7.5 pilot and risk-mitigating measures

  • Our approach to planning for a virtual exam as a temporary alternative due to pandemic conditions

We’ve made the recording of the webinar available on our COVID-19 resource website, including the live Q&A with ABA Secretary David O. Warner, M.D.

Click here to watch the webinar



We value your feedback and invite you to email APPLIEDexam@theABA.org if you have questions that were not addressed in the webinar.