Executive Team

  • Ann Harman, Ph.D.

    Chief Assessment Officer

  • David Pinaula, M.A., C.I.E.

    Chief Information Officer

  • Michele Pore, M.B.A.

    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

  • Kate Owenby, C.P.A.

    Chief Finance & Business Officer

Executive Administration Team

  • Shirline Fuller

    Manager, Executive Administration

  • Jennifer Hopp, S.P.H.R.

    Human Resources Manager

  • Aaliyah Mattison

    Administrative Assistant

Assessment Service Team

Credentialing and Continuing Certification

  • Jo Lovell

    Senior Manager, Credentialing and Continuing Certification

  • Holly Keeling

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Senior Program Associate

  • Linda Parrish

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Senior Case Administrator


  • Jennifer Dike

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Case Associate


  • Jill Schmitter

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Program Associate

  • Tamika Williams

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Senior Program Associate

  • Dee Chinnis

    Credentialing & Continuing Certification Program Associate

  • Rebecca Golay, M.P.A.

    Senior Assessment Operations Administrator

Examination Development & Administration

  • Anna Menzies

    Director of Assessment Development & Delivery

  • Cass Chisholm, MLitt

    Lead Examination Editor

  • Anita Smith, M.A.

    Examination Editor

  • Jailyn Moreland, M.A.

    Examination Editor


  • Andrea Hunolt

    Lead Content Editor

  • John Hammond

    Examination Editor

  • Kamry Goodwin

    Content Editor

  • Kileen Motley

    Lead, APPLIED Exam Services

  • Chrissy Baker

    Exam Services Associate

  • Jenna Lahiff

    Lead, OSCE Administration


Psychometrics & Research

  • Huaping Sun, Ph.D.

    Director of Psychometrics & Research

  • Yan Zhou, Ph.D.

    Lead Psychometrician

  • Dandan Chen, Ph.D.



Finance & Administrative Services Team

Accounting, Administration & Records

  • James Crawford

    Director of Finance

  • Clayton Atwood

    Office Services Coordinator 

  • Tricia Frazer

    Senior Financial Analyst 

  • Terrill Debnam, M.B.A. 

    Financial Analyst

Meeting Planning

  • Jon Campos

    Senior Meeting Planner

  • Erin White

    Meeting Planner

  • Katie Wood

    Reception & Event Coordinator


Information Services Team


  • George Best

    IS Infrastructure Manager

  • Greg Armstrong

    Senior Systems Engineer

  • Tim Jenkins

    Systems Engineer

  • George Zhang

    Systems Engineer

  • Nick Radford

    Digital Equipment Technician

  • Mark Glass

    Database Administrator

  • Laura Rini

    Junior Database Administrator

  • Jessica Lossmann, M.S.L.S.

    Electronic Records Specialist


Software Development

  • Elgin Perry

    Manager, Software Development

  • Frank Johnson

    Software Engineer

  • Misha Featherston

    Senior Software Engineer

  • DeVonta Johnson

    Software Engineer

  • Mathew Mozer

    Software Engineer

  • Henry Hobbs

    Software Engineer

  • Bobby Erickson

    UX Developer


Analysis & Quality

  • Diana Davidson

    Project Manager

  • Payal Roy, M.B.A.

    Senior Business Analyst

  • Gary Smith

    Senior Business Analyst

  • Darlene Quiel

    Business Analyst

  • Lori Evans

    Manager, Quality Assurance

  • Marjie Danckert, CSQA

    Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Michele Bakke

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Sowjanya Marupaka

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Brandy Brotherton

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Dawn Bouse-Beasley

    Quality Assurance Analyst


Marketing & Communications Team

Marketing Communications

  •  Annabel Jones, M.A.

    Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Cristalle Dickerson

    Marketing Automation Specialist

  • Juan Varon

    Graphic & Web Designer

  • Victorri Taylor

    Content Writer & Marketing Specialist

Communications Center

  • Trecia Debnam

    Lead Communications Specialist

  • Jackie Kindred

    Communications Specialist

  •  Tamika Dunn

    Communications Specialist