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Initial Certification in Anesthesiology

Primary certification in Anesthesiology is available to individuals not yet certified by the ABA or who are not currently a candidate in the ABA examination system.

Application for Certification

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Entrance Requirements

The ABA's Entrance Requirements are detailed in the Adobe Acrobat Document Booklet of Information.

Examination Tutorial

You may download a tutorial from Pearson VUE onto your home computer by clicking here.

For instructions for downloading the tutorial onto your home computer, click here.

Please click here for the answers to questions on the ABA Part 1 Tutorial.

In-Training Examination Documentation

To familiarize physicians with the format and scope of the annual ABA-ASA In-Training Examination, copies of previous In-Training Examinations are available. Each examination below combines two test booklets (Parts A & B) in consecutive order, containing a total of 350 multiple-choice questions. The answer keys for both booklets are located at the end of the document.

Previous Examinations and Answer Keys

Part 1 Examination Documentation

Part 2 Examination Documentation