About MOCA

The Maintenance of Certification (MOC) concept originated with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in 1999. The ABA has been charged with implementing MOC activities that will assure the public that its diplomates demonstrate commitment to quality clinical outcomes and patient safety.  

Part 1

Professionalism and Professional Standing (PPS)

Part 2

Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLS)

Part 3

Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills (KJS)

Part 4

Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP)

ABA diplomates certified in 2000 or after hold a time-limited certificate and are enrolled in MOCA after initial board certification. This allows them the full 10-year period to meet all requirements. To avoid expiration of certification, all MOCA requirements must be completed within the 10-year period. Participation in MOCA by non-time limited diplomates, those certified before 2000, is voluntary and encouraged.


MOCA Redesign – MOCA 2.0

The ABA is redesigning the MOCA Program to ensure that it remains relevant to our diplomates and provides a more personalized approach to helping them maintain up-to-date medical knowledge. One goal for this effort, which we are calling MOCA 2.0, is to provide a platform for intensive longitudinal assessment and learning that will help identify and address knowledge gaps and patient safety needs.
We developed a MOCA 2.0 prototype in 2014 and are continuing to build it in 2015. The MOCA Minute pilot portion of the platform, the core of MOCA 2.0, will roll out on Jan. 1, 2016 with future developments slated for late 2016 and early 2017. Click here to view the MOCA 2.0 FAQs.

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