APPLIED Exam Registration Eligibility

To register for the APPLIED Examination, candidates must:
  • have passed the BASIC and ADVANCED Examinations.
  • have satisfactorily completed 36 months of clinical anesthesiology training. 
  • be capable of performing independently the entire scope of anesthesiology practice without accommodation or with reasonable accommodation.
  • have a satisfactory Program Directors Reference Form on file with the ABA upon graduation from the residency program.  
  • report an unexpired license that is permanent, unconditional and unrestricted by Nov. 15 of their APPLIED Examination administration year. Please note that training licenses will not fulfill this certification requirement.

The ABA will only validate candidates’ APPLIED Examination results if they have satisfactorily completed the licensure requirement by the deadline. 
Candidates can register for the exam via their ABA portal account. Click here for registration deadlines and fees.