Emergency Medicine & Anesthesiology

On April 1, the ABA and the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) launched a combined training in emergency medicine and anesthesiology option for residency programs. The combined program will require at least five years of residency training and will prepare residents for dual certification in both specialties.

Residency programs seeking to offer this combined training must be approved by both the ABEM and the ABA before residents are recruited. To be eligible for dual certification, residents must satisfactorily complete 60 months of combined education, which must be verified by both programs. The duration of training will increase to 72 months if the combined program involves a four-year emergency medicine residency. Physicians may take the final certifying examinations for either board once they successfully complete all five (or six) years of training. Individuals who wish to apply to any approved program should contact the program directly.

Both boards are currently accepting applications from programs interested in offering this training.

Approved Training Programs