Resident Options

Training Away:

Residents have the option to complete training away from their ACGME-accredited anesthesiology programs. This option is not available during the last three months of residents' CA-3 year or until after they complete at least one year of clinical anesthesia training, unless the training will be in another ACGME-accredited anesthesiology program. Click here for more information on how to request training away.



Residents also have the option to complete research during their anesthesiology residency. Residents must be enrolled in an ACGME-accredited anesthesiology residency program and must remain active in the educational component of the program while pursuing research. Interested residents could spend approximately 25 percent of their three- or four-year training program, and 38 percent of their five-year program, engaged in scholarly activities. Program Directors must develop a plan with strict guidelines for research activity and work product oversight if a resident’s research activities will be more than six months. Click here for research templates and additional information.