Part 3: MOCA Minute®

MOCA Minute® is an interactive learning tool we are piloting to replace the MOCA Exam as the MOCA Part 3: Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills (formerly the Cognitive Examination). It consists of multiple-choice questions like those typically on MOCA exams.

MOCA Minute allows you to continuously assess your knowledge, fill knowledge gaps and demonstrate your proficiency. You need to answer 30 questions per calendar quarter (120 per year by 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 31), no matter how many certifications you are maintaining. View all of the requirements that need to be completed by Years 5 and 10 to be considered as "Participating in MOC."

We encourage you to answer your MOCA Minute questions over time, rather than all of them in one day, to promote continuous learning and knowledge retention. You cannot answer more than 30 questions per calendar quarter and cannot answer more than 30 questions per day. You will receive similar questions over time on some of the same topics to gauge whether you have retained your knowledge.

You may access MOCA Minute questions in three ways – weekly email reminders, in your portal account or on the MOCA Minute mobile app. Once you access a question, you will have 60 seconds to answer it. Whether the question is answered correctly or not, the correct answer, rationale and links to additional resource materials are displayed on the screen.


MOCA Minute® Performance Standard

Given the innovative nature of the MOCA Minute longitudinal assessment, we are using a new approach to evaluate diplomates’ performance. It is called Measurement Decision Theory (MDT) and is a statistical model that estimates the likelihood or probability that our diplomates are keeping their specialty-specific knowledge up-to-date based on their pattern of responses to MOCA Minute questions.

Diplomates who answer 120 MOCA Minute questions each year by 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 31 and maintain an MDT probability or p-value of ≥ 0.10 are meeting the standard for Part 3. If you do not answer all 120 questions by 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 31, you will not be able to meet the standard, even if your MDT p-value is ≥ 0.10. We chose this p-value based on an initial analysis of diplomates’ MOCA Minute responses and the historical pass rates for the MOCA examination.
We set a standard using MDT to ensure that diplomates continue to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills required of a board-certified anesthesiologist. Using MOCA Minute and the MDT model, the vast majority of diplomates will meet the standard, as they have with the MOCA Exam. We will make decisions about diplomates’ certification status based on their performance in all four components of the MOCA 2.0® program, not just MOCA Minute. View all of the requirements that need to be completed by Years 5 and 10 to be considered as "Participating in MOC."

We’ve created three short videos to provide more information about MOCA Minute and to introduce MDT.

If you are a diplomate and want to review your MOCA Minute performance, log into your portal account and click on "Review Your Progress" under the gray MOCA bar on your home page. Your MOCA Minute performance will be displayed in the Part 3 section of your Certification Summary.

MOCA Minute® Mobile App