Training Programs

Clinical Anesthesia (CA) Credit for Training Completed in Another Specialty

The Conversion Factor Form is available for residents seeking clinical anesthesia training credit for specific clinical rotations completed in another specialty that was supervised or designed by anesthesiologists.

Continuum of Education in Anesthesiology Policy

The continuum of education in anesthesiology consists of four years of full-time training subsequent to the date that the medical or osteopathic degree has been conferred. The continuum consists of a clinical base year and 36 months of approved training in anesthesia (CA-1, CA-2 and CA-3 years).

Prospective ABA approval is required for exceptions to our policies regarding the training planned for individual residents. The ABA will consider requests from training programs to grant CA training credit to residents for specific clinical rotations that were previously completed in another specialty.


  • Requests for neonatal ICU or research rotations will not be approved.
  • The rotations must have been supervised or designed by an anesthesiologist.
  • Rotations must have been completed within the prior five years of the request for credit.
  • Research rotations require a prior six months of CA training per ABA Policy Book, Section 3.02.B(4).
  • Adult or pediatric ICU rotations may be eligible for credit if certain criteria have been met.

Clinical Anesthesia (CA) Credit for Training Completed in Another Specialty