Quality Improvement: 10-Year Cycle

Demonstrate continuous improvement and leadership initiative in your practice

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Quality Improvement (QI) points show participation in activities designed to enhance your medical practice

Fulfilling this requirement

Every ten years, you will need to earn and confirm earning 50 Quality Improvement (QI) points.

Earn 50 points

You must participate in and confirm having completed QI activities to enhance your practice. You will not be required to report individual activities. Most activities are credited at one point per hour spent, though some activities receive more points per hour. All attestations can be made from your ABA GO account.


For example, this can include developing interdisciplinary care plans, participating in on-site or online simulations for clinical scenarios or doing case evaluations to improve patient outcomes.

Get started earning QI points

Propose a QI activity

We want to collaborate with medical societies and healthcare organizations to provide activities designed to help our diplomates fulfill Quality Improvement (QI) requirements. Medical societies and other healthcare organizations offering quality, practice-improving activities may submit a proposal for their activities to count toward QI requirements.

Review the activity requirements and guidelines below. Then, email the completed activity application with the proposed activity module to moca@theABA.org.


The approval process

We review applications on a first-come, first-served basis. The review and approval process may take up to 10 weeks. During this time, we may request additional information. Once a final decision is reached, we will notify the sponsor.

If an activity application is approved, the sponsor is responsible for the development and administration costs of the activity and must submit a final report to us of the diplomates’ activity completion.