Medical License: Five-Year Cycle

To keep up your ABA certification, maintain your medical license

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ABA diplomates are required to keep at least one active, unrestricted medical license

Maintaining your medical license

Every year, maintain an active, unrestricted license to practice medicine in at least one jurisdiction of the United States or Canada.

Note: All U.S. and Canadian medical licenses that you hold must be unrestricted. Please advise us of any restrictions placed on any of your medical licenses within 60 days of their imposition.

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Maintaining multiple certifications

If you are maintaining multiple certifications, you may meet MOCA requirements for one certificate but not for another based on your certification dates, leading to the designation “Not Participating in MOC.” This designation does not impact your certification status unless your certificate expires and you have not completed your MOCA requirements. In that case, we cannot grant you a new certificate until you complete your outstanding activities.

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