Canceling your exam

Learn how to cancel your registered exam

How this works

Submit a cancellation request on the ABA GO portal under Account Settings > Add-On Services along with the cancellation fee at least one week prior to the first day of the exam administration week to retain your registration fee for a future exam. If you don’t cancel and miss your exam appointment, you’ll forfeit your registration fee.

All online payments, including cancellations, are nonrefundable.

If you’ve already missed your exam

If you miss your scheduled exam because of an unavoidable or catastrophic event, you must submit a written request with explanation and independent documentation of the event. We must receive your request and the cancellation fee no later than three days after your scheduled exam date to retain your registration fee on your account for your next exam.

To submit a request for a fee waiver due to an unavoidable or catastrophic event please follow the guidelines below: