Assessment score verification policy

How exam score verification works

We employ extensive and rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of exam results. While the possibility of an exam being incorrectly scored is extremely remote, we recognize that you may wish to have your exam score verified.

How to have your score verified

To have your exam score verified, you MUST submit a request on your ABA GO portal account under Account Settings > Add-On Services, along with the $250 per exam online fee, within six weeks of the official release date of the exam results.

We will communicate the results of the score verification to you within six weeks of receiving the request via your email address.

All online payments, including exam score verification services, are nonrefundable.

Request a score verification

Exam specifics

For written exams, we will verify your response to each question, compare those responses to the answer key and recalculate the scaled score.

For the APPLIED Exam, we will confirm whether the numerical ratings from examiners were correctly converted to the exam results; no additional examiners will review your exam.