Hospice and palliative medicine

Caring for patients at the end of their life or through uncurable diseases

Connecting anesthesiology with hospice and palliative care

Since 2008, the ABA has offered certification in hospice and palliative medicine (HPM), a subspecialty based on expanding scientific knowledge about symptom control when a cure is not possible and providing appropriate care during the last months of life. Research, teaching and practice efforts in this field have led to a vast increase in knowledge related to relieving the suffering of seriously ill patients and their families.


These specialists largely practice in one of two distinct professional roles: hospice medical director or institution-based palliative care practice.


The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) administers this exam. After you register in ABA GO, ABIM will reach out to schedule.



Maintenance of Certification

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The HPM exam is administered by ABIM; therefore, the ABA does not offer MOCA Minute questions covering hospice and palliative medicine. ABIM provides two options for maintaining your HPM subspecialty certification: a recertification exam or Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA)

If you’re already certified in hospice and palliative care medicine, you can take the HPM Recertification Exam once in your 10-year MOCA cycle to maintain your subspecialty certification.

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