MOCA Minute

Answer 30 short questions per quarter to assess retention of key medical knowledge and maintain your certification

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MOCA Minute questions are designed to keep your knowledge base sound and up-to-date with changing industry advancements

Fulfilling this requirement

You must answer 120 MOCA Minute questions* each year by 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 31 and/or maintain a MDT p-value of ≥ 0.10.

You can answer up to 30 questions per day and per quarter.

*Note: Any unanswered questions at the end of the year will be considered incorrect and will negatively impact your performance (MDT p-value)

Answer 120 questions

How MOCA Minute works

Your MOCA Minute questions are multiple-choice questions with a single, best answer. The questions you’re prompted with are personalized based on the certificates you’re currently maintaining. Once you access a MOCA Minute question, you’ll have one minute to answer it and will learn immediately if your response was correct. You can also see the question’s rationale, a critique and associated references.

Knowledge Assessment Report

The Knowledge Assessment Report identifies additional learning opportunities and activities and provides overviews of peer-to-peer and year-over-year performance comparisons. It also pulls 120 of your most recently missed questions for your review. You can find this tool in your ABA GO progress report under MOCA Minute.

CME for MOCA Minute

If you opted in to earn CME credit for answering MOCA Minute questions, you must answer 30 questions in the quarter they are intended for 2.5 CME
credits per quarter.

For example, if you complete 30 questions during Q1, you will receive 2.5 CME credits and so forth throughout the year. If you completed all 120 questions during Q4, you would only receive 2.5 total CME credits for the year as you only completed one set of questions in the quarter intended.

Measurement Decision Theory (MDT)

MDT is a statistical model that estimates the likelihood or probability that diplomates are keeping their knowledge up-to-date based on their pattern of responses to MOCA Minute questions. We are using it to gauge over time whether diplomates’ knowledge is at the level expected of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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