Adult Cardiac Anesthesiology

Recognizing expertise in the area of adult cardiac anesthesiology

Connecting anesthesiology and adult cardiac care

This newest program from the ABA provides a path to certification in adult cardiac anesthesiology, a subspecialty designed to distinguish experts in the imaging, diagnosis, physiology, pharmacology and management of care for adults whose cardiac disease requires leading-edge techniques, intervention and the latest treatment technology.

2025 Adult Cardiac Anesthesiology Exam

Dec. 6, 2025

Registration requirements

To register for this exam, diplomates must:

  • Hold an unexpired license to practice medicine or osteopathy in at least one state or jurisdiction of the United States or province of Canada that is permanent, unconditional and unrestricted. Further, every United States and Canadian medical license the registrant holds must be free of restrictions.
  • Hold at least one ABA certification
  • Meet MOCA requirements
  • Attest to their current privileges and clinical activity in adult cardiac anesthesiology care (practicing it, on average, at least one day per week during 12 consecutive months over the previous three years)
  • Be capable of performing independently the entire scope of the adult cardiac anesthesiology practice without accommodation or with reasonable accommodation
  • Have fulfilled one of the eligibility pathways (see below for more details)

Eligibility Requirements

NOTE: Temporary pathways for ACA certification will be available for 6 years, from 2023 – 2028.

ABA diplomates not meeting the above criteria can request the ABA’s Credentialing and Continuing Certification Committee to review their situation and determine whether they might still be eligible to take the certification exam in adult cardiac anesthesiology. All requests for special consideration should include as much documentation as possible along with an explanation why the applicant believes the published criteria should be waived.