November 15, 2016

ABA Sets MOCA Minute® Standard Using MDT

Measurement Decision Theory

11/15/16 – The ABA Board of Directors has set the standard diplomates must meet using the MOCA Minute® pilot to demonstrate they are maintaining their specialty-specific knowledge.

We are piloting MOCA Minute to replace the MOCA Exam for the MOCA Part 3: Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills requirement. We launched the initial pilot in 2014 and expanded it in 2016 when we launched MOCA 2.0®, the redesigned MOCA program.

Today, all diplomates in MOCA 2.0 are eligible to participate in MOCA Minute, an online longitudinal assessment that allows diplomates to assess their knowledge, fill knowledge gaps and demonstrate their proficiency.

Given the innovative nature of this assessment, we needed a new method to measure diplomate performance. We’re using Measurement Decision Theory (MDT), a statistical model that estimates the likelihood or probability that diplomates are keeping their knowledge up-to-date based on their pattern of responses to MOCA Minute questions. We set this standard to ensure that diplomates continue to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills required of a board-certified anesthesiologist.

We’ve created videos to provide more information about MOCA Minute and to introduce MDT.

Using MOCA Minute and the MDT model, the vast majority of diplomates will meet the MOCA Minute standard, as they have with the MOCA Exam.

Diplomates may review their MOCA Minute MDT performance in their portal accounts. To learn more, visit the MOCA Minute webpage.

We are committed to partnering with our diplomates to address their needs, our mission and the American Board of Medical Specialties’ MOC Standards. We welcome your MOCA Feedback.