January 31, 2024

The ABA Celebrates Physician Anesthesiologist Week

Jan. 28 through Feb. 3, 2024, marks the tenth annual Physician Anesthesiologists Week, as designated by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). This is a week-long event of advocacy and public outreach to educate the public about how anesthesiologists are uniquely qualified to lead the specialty in patient care.

We want to extend a special thanks to all anesthesiologists who have chosen to pursue board certification as a step in elevating patient care. See what they have to say about board certification here.

Board certification enhances patient safety. The process ensures a physician is meeting the highest standards of the specialty through training, assessments and continuing education. Our Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) program involves rigorous ongoing assessment of a clinician’s knowledge and skills. Learn more about the value of board certification here.

Patients can ensure they receive the best quality care by verifying their physicians’ board certification status before undergoing treatment. Find questions to ask physicians before receiving care along with other patient resources here.

To learn more about Physician Anesthesiologists Week, visit the ASA’s website.