The ABA plays a distinct role in addressing biases to improve healthcare outcomes for patients and advancing equity and inclusion

A group of healthcare workers consisting of doctors and nurses are meeting together at their hospital.

Our commitment

We have long recognized that the ABA plays a distinct role in addressing biases to improve healthcare outcomes and advancing equity and inclusion, particularly as it relates to our organization and assessments.

Being an organization that welcomes people from different communities enriches us all. Witnessing the opportunities and accomplishments that result from equitable service provision is a source of organizational pride. Tailoring our work and workplace to diverse populations allows us to learn from each other and grow.

Shot of a surgeon looking at a monitor in an operating room

Our progress

Our work and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has evolved beginning in 2018 to where we stand today. We have made intentional strides to advance diversity and inclusion in our leadership and employment. The ABA DEI Task Force collaborated with an outside consultant to develop a DEI strategic plan and promote greater transparency. Together, we administered board-certified anesthesiologist, volunteer and staff surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews. To uphold our promise of transparency, we have developed this web page to share our ongoing efforts and progress in implementing our DEI plan.

ABA DEI Timeline

In 2018, we began taking intentional steps to facilitate discussions and employ strategies to ensure that our volunteers and board leaders are representative of the anesthesiology community. This work has become part of a broader strategy to weave DEI into the fabric of the ABA culture. The revelatory nature of the pandemic and the true depth of the nation’s healthcare disparities have led the Board of Directors to accelerate DEI initiatives.

Our progress and initiatives have evolved, and we will continue to share these milestones as our DEI plan advances.

Our Future

We plan to continue to construct our DEI foundation through our policies and procedures, including publicizing our volunteer selection processes, evaluating representation at all levels of the organization and developing continuing DEI education for diplomates, volunteers and staff. We will continue to share our emerging plan and milestones.

We are committed to doing our part to address the public health crisis propagated by social and healthcare inequities. Our mission is to advance the highest standards of the practice of anesthesiology. Equitable, high-quality healthcare, including anesthesia care, must be made available equally to all, regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation.

DEI Definitions


Representation of individuals with a rich array of different characteristics, origins and identities


Impartiality and equal access to opportunities, resources and advancement to overcome barriers to fair treatment


An environment of belonging that welcomes, respects and values a variety of voices, thoughts and ideas in decision-making to improve outcomes