MOCA Minute result verification policy

How MOCA Minute result verification works

We employ extensive and rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of assessment results. While the possibility of your MOCA Minute being incorrectly scored is extremely remote, we recognize that you may wish to have your result verified.

How to have your MOCA Minute result verified

All result verification requests for MOCA Minute MUST be submitted through the Credentialing team, along with the $250 per request fee*. We will communicate the verification results to you within six weeks of receiving the request via your email address.

This service is limited to verifying that the Measurement Decision Theory (MDT) probability, or p-value, is correctly calculated based on the diplomate’s responses to their required 120 MOCA Minute questions as of the end of the most recent calendar year.

All payments for assessment score verification services are nonrefundable.

Request a score verification

*Payment is made via paper checks. Contact the Credentialing team for more details.