Jan. 10, 2023

2024 MOCA Registration Now Open

2024 Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) registration is now open in the ABA GO portal. Anesthesia is safest when a board-certified anesthesiologist is involved. Continuing education is a crucial part of board certification and demonstrates that clinicians are maintaining their knowledge to ensure the highest quality care to their patients.

Board-certified anesthesiologists should complete their annual MOCA registration to gain access to MOCA Minute questions, stay on top of all requirements and maintain their certification. Clinicians are eligible to maintain their certification if they have an active ABA certification in anesthesiology and/or a subspecialty, participate in continuous learning activities through MOCA and pay the annual fee.

MOCA consists of four key components:

  • Current Medical License: Maintain an active, unrestricted license to practice medicine in at least one jurisdiction of the U.S. or Canada.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME): If on a 10-year cycle, earn 125 CME credits by year five and 250 total CME by year 10, including 20 patient safety credits. If on a five-year cycle, earn 125 CME credits by year five, including 10 patient safety credits.
  • MOCA Minute: Answer 120 MOCA Minute questions per calendar year and/or maintain a p-value of ≥ 0.10.
  • Quality Improvement (QI): If on a 10-year cycle, earn and attest to 25 QI points by year five and a total of 50 QI points by year 10. If on a five-year cycle, earn 25 QI points by year five.

Board-certified anesthesiologists can learn more about maintaining their certification and verifying their current certification cycle here.