Support your physician's commitment to maintaining the high standards of board certification

Smiling doctor using laptop while working in private practice.
Happy African American female doctor with protective face mask asking a question while attending a seminar in board room.

Who should use ABA PrePay?

The ABA PrePay program allows you to pay the annual MOCA fees for the diplomates that work in your organization by streamlining credit for their registration. Support and encourage maintaining the high standards of board certification while reducing the burden on your physicians by prepaying their annual MOCA fees.

Learn more about the benefits of ABA PrePay and how you can support your physician's continuing education process

Why Participate?

Demonstrate a commitment to delivering high-quality care to patients through supporting physician board certification

Show your appreciation for board certification to your physicians, highlighting the value of continuous learning

MOCA participation helps physicians meet learning objectives and fosters engagement

Simplify and streamline your finances by eliminating MOCA reimbursement requests from physicians