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My certification expires in 2016. Do I need to register for MOCA 2.0™?

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Primary certificates awarded  7/5/2016

We are proud to announce the names of the physicians who have achieved primary certification in anesthesiology from weeks 1-7 of the 2016 Part 2 Examination.

ABA and MGH Study Finds Resident Clinical Performance & ABA Oral Exam Scores Link  6/9/2016
A study published in Anesthesia & Analgesia by the ABA and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) found that residents’ clinical performance scores correlated to their ABA oral exam scores when the exam was taken one year after residency completion. Study authors: Keith Baker, M.D.; Ph.D., Huaping Sun, Ph.D.; Ann Harman, Ph.D.; K. Trudy Poon, M.S. and James P. Rathmell, M.D.

The ABA Recognized for Exemplary Workplace Practices  5/31/2016
The ABA has been honored with a 2016 When Work Works Award for its use of effective workplace strategies to increase organizational and employee success.