November 17, 2023

ABA Shares the Latest News with Core Programs at SAAAPM 2023 Annual Meeting

ABA Directors Mohammed M. Minhaj, M.D., MBA, and Vivek K. Moitra, M.D., shared updates from the ABA with core program directors at the Society of Academic Associations of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine’s (SAAAPM) Annual Meeting Friday, Nov. 3.

Drs. Minhaj and Moitra provided an ABA/In-Training Examination (ITE) Update during the Association of Anesthesiology Core Program Directors concurrent session. They presented updates on the ABA’s Residency Training Information Database (RTID), reviewed 2024 and 2025 ITE registration dates and recapped the 2023 Program Director Meeting, notably the first Anesthesiology Program Director Meeting in Raleigh since 2020.

When presenting additional noteworthy ABA updates, they shared changes to our Alternate Entry Pathway program, the newest ABMS Standards for Continuing Certification and an ABA PrePay program reminder. To conclude their presentation, they reviewed the correlation in initial certification performance to the ITE, BASIC, ADVANCED and APPLIED Exams.

SAAAPM is the umbrella organization supporting the Association of Academic Anesthesiology Chairs, Association of Anesthesiology Core Program Directors and Association of Anesthesiology Program Administrators and Educations. The SAAAPM Annual Meeting is designed for academic anesthesiologists in chair, core residency program director, subspecialty fellowship program director and residency program administrator positions. Annual Meeting programming works to educate and share information that will enable academic anesthesiology departments to improve management and care.

You can view the presentation slides here.